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Hello and how are you? I hope today is going well for you. Welcome to my content creation and social media marketing suite! When you are also managing other crucial company activities, handling and administering business platforms can be too stressful and challenging. However, I can provide you with such skilled services that can propel your company to new heights across many platforms thanks to our four years of experience in social media marketing! What you will be getting from my service: . 100% authentic content creation . Scratch made designs on Photoshop, Illustrator and Canva . Variations and ideas for your media platforms . Banners, posts and highlights designs . Page optimization and setup . Product/service promotions . More engagement, more audience, more customers . Elite guidelines for media marketing . Infographics . Strategies and techniques for better business growth . Fast Delivery . Priority customer care services I will be handling these of your platforms with my services: Facebook Telegram Discord Instagram Youtube Tiktok Email: [redacted email address] Feel free to ask any question Contact no: +/1/7/4/7/2/1/8/5/2/8/0 Contact no: +/9/2/3/1/1/6/0/8/0/6/7/0
150 JOD
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Social Media Marketing>Social Media manager>SEO

الجندويل, عمانمنذ 6 أشهر
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It Solution
It Solution
عضو منذ فبراير 2022

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  • لا تذهب بمفردك لمقابلة بائع / مشتري ، إصطحب معك دائمًا شخصًا ما
  • تفحص وتاكد من المنتج بشكل جيد قبل الشراء
  • لا تدفع أبدًا أي شيء مقدمًا ولا تقم بتحويل أ مبالغ قبل فحص المنتج
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